About Us

AJ7 Global is a Singapore-registered company specializing in chemical trade and manufacturing. Here at AJ7 Global, we pride ourselves on our honest, fair, and transparent business policies that guarantee an equitable share of rewards to all our partners.

Our years of experience as a Chemical Exporter has taught us the importance and need for effective collaborations. As such, we at AJ7 Global are always open to new opportunities to work with potential partners all over the world.

If you are someone with integrity, tenacity, and a strong ability to drive sales, we would like to humbly invite u to join our team of dedicated and experienced individuals.

Our Vision

AJ7 Group was incorporated in 1997 handling a large range of products and commodities. In the year 2018, We established our Chemical Trading Department.

From 2018 to 2021, We set up more than 20 Sales Offices around the world. We seek partners worldwide to continue to build our network.


AJ7 Group of companies was founded in Singapore back in Years 1997, with many businesses mainly based in Asia.

AJ7 Global

AJ7 Global was legally incorporated in Singapore in the Year 2004.

Chemical Department

AJ7 Global Chemical Department was set up in the Year 2018 mainly for China Market.

year 2021

Working hard toward setting up our overseas plant in Asian Countries.


We are now ready to accept international order and able to ship to any major ports around the world.


Maintaining the highest quality for both our domestic and oversea shipment.

Strategic Partners

AJ7 Global works hand in hand with a few Strategic Partners both in China as well as other countries to deliver quality products worldwide.